James dean and audrey hepburn dating

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Many elements of the screwball genre can be traced back to such stage plays as Shakespeare's Like farce, screwball comedies often involve mistaken identities or other circumstances in which a character or characters try to keep some important fact a secret.

This stylistic device did not originate in the screwballs (although it may be argued to have reached its zenith there): it can also be found in many of the old Hollywood cycles including the gangster film, romantic comedies, and others.Screwball comedies also tend to contain ridiculous, farcical situations, such as in , The Philadelphia Story).Some scholars point to this frequent device as evidence of the shift in the American moral code as it showed freer attitudes about divorce (though the divorce always turns out to have been a mistake).Some of the stars often present in screwball comedies included Katharine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur, Irene Dunne, Myrna Loy, Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant, William Powell, and Carole Lombard.In screwball comedy, the romantic couple at the center of the story are eccentrics, often portrayed through slapstick.

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